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Drop-in workshop for developing ICZ-themed research ideas 22 November 2016

On this page, you can also find the Programme Brief and videos from the ICZ Thought Leaders below.

Employee ICZ Programme Brief




PDF version Please click here to access a pdf of the Programme Brief, or view above for a page turner option.

Thought Leader videos

Please note these embedded videos are not scaleable and so will be best viewed on destop computers. For viewing on other devices, you may wish to log in to Helix (part of Blackboard) and view them under the subfolder Staff News/ICZ.

1. Tony Warne, ICZ Programme Director and Associate PVC (issued 24.5.2016)

2. Professor Robin Barger, Founding Executive Director of the Studio for International Media & Technology (issued 3.6.16)

3. Dean of Students, Dr Sam Grogan (issued 7.6.16)

4. Academic Developer, Amina Helal (issued 14.6.16)

COO Networking Session - ICZs 10 June 2016

Simon Chadwick, Professor in Sports Enterprise and Thought Leader (issued 28.6.16)

Neil Currie, Director of Engineering responsible for the new Maker Space and Thought Leader (issued 6.7.16)

Gordon Fletcher of Salford Business School and Thought Leader (issued 12.7.16)

Announcing the four development leads - Jennifer Hinsley, ICZ Programme Manager issued 18.7.16