Inclusive Practice

Disability & Learner Support has drawn together examples of inclusive practice and student experiences from around the University in academic and support units. We aim to highlight current and developing practice in this area which enhances the student experience. By locating it in one place, employees and students can see at a glance what is happening.

Inclusive practices support disabled students by making adjustments for all students so that disabled students are not singled out. This has the advantage of including the adjustments in the design of academic programmes or services so that employees do not have to repeatedly make similar individual adjustments. Inclusive design can also benefit non-disabled students.

We plan for the information on the site to evolve over time as inclusive practice becomes more widespread and as we are made aware of developments in both academic schools and support units. We welcome contributions to add to the inclusive practice web area from staff and students.

Salford is leading inclusive practice

Occupational Therapy is spearheading an all inclusive curriculum at their next course validation

Funding inclusion in the workplace

Government grants for disabled job seekers, employees and students on paid placements.

Your accessible and inclusive Library

Find out about accessible and inclusive services and resources in University Libraries. 

Supporting transitions

Beyond university; employment and placement support for the workplace. 

Improving the functionality of your PC

Things you might not know about making your computer accessible

Building inclusion for all

Contributing to access and inclusion; the new University Access and Inclusion Forum, USAIF. 

Biomedical Sciences: Enabling inclusion for research

A disabled research student’s experience of enabling access and inclusion in Biomedical Sciences.

Applying learning technologies for inclusion

Art & Design uses learning technologies to improve the experience and attainment of all students.

JISC TechDis supporting technology for inclusion

Resources available to help create accessible digital and new media systems for Universities and support for inclusive approaches.

Enabling accessibility in learning and teaching

A comprehensive European web based resource which supports employees to introduce inclusive practices in all aspects of learning and teaching