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FINAL Week in the life of a Communications Assistant

Jun 12, 2019

holly blog

The LAST EVER blog of our Communications Assistant, Holly!

If you read my previous post you'll know that last this is my last week at the University! As this is my final blog post, I thought I'd share with you some of my highlights from the past few months...

Where do I begin?! Since starting as a Graduate Intern, at the end of January, and being kept on as a Communications Assistant, I have done and learnt so much, but here are a few moments that particularly stand out:

One of the great things about this role has been acquiring video editing and interviewing skills. When I filmed five interviews in under 48 hours for the Women's Voice Awards, I was actually quite proud of how I rose to the challenge. More recently, I was given the chance to do some filming with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and a local primary school. This was really fun and rewarding. Watching University Staff members recieve media training from Matt O'Donoghue was also an insightful part of this learning process. I even got to star in a couple of videos!

Working here has also allowed me to feel inspired by fellow-alumni, such as actress Amy Jane Ollies and Football Announcer Laura Beth. It was lovely to chat to these successful graduates and find out what life has been like for them since graduating.

I have also enjoyed witnessing the work of current students and being in contact with my former tutors! Watching the talented performances of English and Performance students at Ordsall Hall was particularly interesting, especially as I love a good Shakespeare adaptation!

I have really enjoyed gaining professional social media experience, particularly with running the Internal Communications' Twitter account. My highlight from this is definitely the frenzy I appear to have caused on National Pet Day! It was great to see you getting involved and sending in cute snaps of your pets!

One thing I have loved about my role here is the vast amount of opportunities on offer for personal development. I have attended workshops that have improved my confidence and skills. Being able to attend a Google Garage workshop was super insightful.

Being a Communications Assistant has involved a lot of creativity, which is brilliant, and this has stretched to becoming, as my manager Maria calls me, 'the Canva Queen'. It has been really interesting to learn how to design graphics on Canva, including for my famous 'What's On' round-up.

The best thing about all of this, though, has definitely been all of YOU! Everyone I have worked with has been so lovely and supportive, helping me to grow and develop. The Away Day was a particularly fun opportunity to connect with colleagues. Most of all, though, I really want to thank my line manager, Maria; she has been super supportive and helpful throughout my time here and is a fantastic manager and Communications Officer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. It's been great! :D

I will be leaving to join the marketing team at Spinningfields, which should be a great next opportunity. If you want to stay in touch, make sure to follow me on Twitter, @twell24.