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Week in the life of a Communications Assistant #7

Jun 07, 2019


Each week, our Commications Assistant, Holly, will be telling you what happens behind the scenes of the Staff Channel…

I have some BIG news: next week will be my last week at the University! I have loved working in Internal Communications, learning so much with such a supportive and friendly team. However, I have now secured a permanent position externally and will be moving on in my journey. Therefore, my last blog post will be next Wednesday (just before I jet off on holiday to America- much excitement!), where I will discuss my highlights over the past few months.

Now that bombshell is out of the way, here is what happened this week!

If you read my last blog, you'll know that every week brings a surprise here, and Monday shows that, as I had the opportunity to get involved with a lovely and heartwarming project. We saw the Elder Wisdom Bench, which gives younger people the chance to learn from older people, landing in Salford from Canada! I headed over to the Dementia Institutute to talk with a lovely lady, who told me about living with dementia. You can view that here and below.

I was also able to finish my press release about the fantastic work Researcher Komal Aryal has been doing in Nepal. It was really inspiring to hear him discussing how he is making a difference to people's lives by flood-proofing their homes with innovative Bamboo-technology! You can view my article about that here and you can see the video I filmed and edited here.

I'd also quite like to use this opportunity to encourage you to get involved in the Sleepout for Manchester's homeless. It sounds like a really great chance to raise money for a worthy cause.

Until next time, have a lovely weekend! 


Introducing #ElderWisdomBench from US News Channel videos on Vimeo.