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University of Salford project recognised nationally as part of ‘Nation’s Lifesavers’ list

May 16, 2019

A pioneering project which helps children cope with traumatic court proceedings has been recognised for its exceptional contribution to nation’s health and wellbeing.

University of Salford legal experts, working with the Manchester Civil Justice Centre, are using VR headsets with a specially created video to recreate the court experience. So far the technology has helped over 200 vulnerable children who are going through family court proceedings.

This project has today been named as one of the Nation’s Lifesavers – the top 100 university schemes that are making a life changing difference to our health and wellbeing. It has been named as part of Universities UK’s MadeAtUni campaign, which brings to life the impact of universities on everyday lives.

The Vulnerable Children, Virtual Reality and Courts project helps simplify the judicial process, makes the experience less intimidating and helps vulnerable children understand how decisions about their future are made. This has a significant impact on their mental health. Many have been neglected by their parents or have had some other family trauma.  The project plays a vital role in safeguarding the mental wellbeing of children going through these difficult court proceedings.

It is the first time VR has been used with courts in the UK and it has won the backing of Government and the Judiciary.

Other lifesaving stories from universities across the UK will be shared throughout the coming days as part of the MadeAtUni campaign. You can find out more here or get involved online using the hashtag #MadeAtUni.