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Free energy seminar by Dr Aimee Ambrose – 1 May

Apr 17, 2019


On Wednesday 1 May, the School of Health and Society, in association with CARe, will be bringing you a free seminar by Dr Aimee Ambrose. This will discuss tackling energy invisibility through research participation.

Whilst we are increasingly distant from the energy generation that provides us with heat for our homes, can first-hand emergent experiences in energy facilities make us more engaged with decision making and foster environmental citizenship?

Since the shift away from burning solid fuels in the home, energy has become increasingly invisible in our daily lives and our contemporary relationship with energy is characterised by complete dependency and almost complete ignorance. The Walking with Energy project draws together a range of innovative research approaches to form a new research methodology that is social (offers opportunities for social learning), embedded (in the landscape in question), embodied (engages body and mind) and that is sensitive to the past. The resultant approach was tested through a pilot study which sought to better understand how our relationship with energy has evolved to become so distant and assess whether acts of research participation can promote a greater level of interest in and engagement with energy policies and decisions amongst 'ordinary' citizens by enabling immersive first hand encounters with energy generation. Using a case study of an Energy from Waste facility in the UK, the pilot revealed that such an approach offers significant scope to go beyond a process of data collection and promote a reconnection between people and energy with the possibility of effecting lasting changes in environmental citizenship.

For tickets and more information, please click here.