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Great Manchester Run - Register now to run with us before sign up closes!

Apr 08, 2019


Did this weekend’s Great Manchester Marathon inspire you to want to try something out yourself? How about a 10km? Yes, come along and run with us as TEAM SALFORD in the Great Manchester Run.

You’ve heard from Azeem Amir, Business student, Midfielder for England blind Football team (finishing runners-up in the World Cup last year), tough mudder world record holder and avid runner,


Here’s your chance to meet Brendan Rendall, Salford Alumni, Sporting hero, Discovery Channel UK 2016 winner, running 650 miles through Malawi in 25 days, fierce runner, world traveller and our other Great Manchester Run ambassador! Check out our mini Q&A with Bren below:

What inspired you to start running?

“I had no running experience and someone had bet me to run the Wilmslow half marathon. I couldn’t run even a quarter of a mile then. After a few weeks the structure and discipline paid off and I started to see the benefits of running before work. I no longer ran in the dark so no one could see me and I was able to discover areas of Manchester I never knew existed.    

"I completed my first half marathon and this became the start of a life of running, adventure and world travel”.

What are the benefits?

“There are so many both for your mental and physical wellbeing. I really saw the benefits after about three weeks. It gave me that much needed focus. My life before was self-destructive and reckless. Full of binge drinking, debt and living for the weekend.

“It is easy and free! You can just put your trainers on and go. For me, it is the first thing that I've been able to concentrate on, and the community is amazing - everyone has an inspiring story to tell and three months after I started running, I was three stone lighter”.

How did you keep yourself motivated?

“I keep self-motivated by being inspired by bigger challenges, I’m now preparing to run the length of Africa. Cairo to Cape Town. I also raise money for Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) so that is another incentive to date I've raised £90,000”.

Here’s Bren’s Top Tips for first time runners:

1) Couch to 5 km 

2) Run with other beginners 

3) Don't worry about walking/running 

4) Use parkrun as a goal

5) Don't worry about speed at the beginning. 

Don’t forget, the run (10km) is on 19 May so you’ve got plenty of time to get into the swing of things.

Want to get involved but not up for a run? We will have a ‘Cheer Point’ on the day (location to be confirmed) for all of you who want to come along and support TEAM SALFORD

If you have any questions please contact or pop directly over to their website to find out a little more!

You can find the a link to our FAQs by clicking here.

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