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Week in the life of a Graduate Intern #7

Mar 15, 2019


Each week, our new graduate intern, Holly, will be sharing her experience as she crosses over from student to staff member... 

We’re at the halfway mark; how time flies! With only five or so weeks left, I have plenty still to learn with Internal Comms, yet I feel I have already developed my skills so much. If you have read my previous blogs, you know the drill- here’s what I did this week!

Last Friday wrapped the week up nicely, with Women’s Voice Awards being a huge success. On Monday, I created a Twitter Moment to capture this, which you can see here.

This week has, as usual, involved a lot of variety. I am super excited because I have booked a trip to New York for later this year, but in terms of work, it has also been a good week! My role here largely involves writing articles and copy; Monday was no different. I posted an article about the Not Quite Light Festival. I found out about NQL quite recently, and it sounds like an exciting event.

 Speaking of events, I also created a What’s on: April page April (you’ll have to wait to see that, though) and pulled together a New Adelphi Theatres spring selection!

On Tuesday, I was asked to attend a session called Dementia Experience at the University’s Dementia Hub. This was run by Four Seasons Healthcare and aimed to give participants an idea of what it might be like to live with dementia. This was really intriguing. I was given a pair of Vaseline coated goggles, with red circles covering parts of the lenses, to impair my vision. I was also given headphones with background noise and large gloves, before being asked to complete a series of tasks. One of these tasks was finding a shirt and buttoning it up, which proved to be nearly impossible. This gave me, and the 10 or so other people who attended, some sense of the isolation and confusion somebody living with the condition may experience. I was given a certificate for completing this, and I’d recommend any future workshops to colleagues.

Mid-week, I received some exciting news about my Jayne Anderson press release, as That’s TV Manchester are wanting to interview Jayne. I am glad about this as she has put a lot of hard work into her community project.

Other tasks I have worked on this week include chasing up stories for the Press Office and gathering the National Apprenticeship Week statistics. I also went along to an MBTI workshop, discovering that I am an ENFJ personality-type (which stands for extroversion, intuition, feeling and judgement)- apparently, this means I am imaginative, empathetic and like to support others, whilst also being an ‘inspiring leader’. It was interesting to find out that I share these traits with Barack Obama (I’m in good company then).

On Friday, I also live tweeted about the great fundraising work of the ELS team, who are doing a six hour walk up and down Maxwell stairs today (and I struggle going up the building’s eight floors just once!) for Red Nose Day.

Have a great weekend!