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Six hours on Maxwell stairs for Red Nose Day!

Mar 15, 2019


Today it's Red Nose Day, and our amazing School of Environment and Life Sciences Team (ELS) are raising money by doing a mammoth six hour walk up and down Maxwell's nine floors! They will also be hosting a bake sale in Peel G01 10-12, selling some lovely, homemade, delicious treats.

Dr Joe Latimer, Dr Chloe James, Dr Sarah Withers, and Dr Ian Goodhead will be climbing up and down Maxwell's stairs in pairs from 10am-4pm today, dressed in red tutus with noses. There has also been the promise of Professor Neil Fowler joining in! Joe and Chloe say they will be holding their office hours on the staircase today; they also welcome any company from fellow colleagues.

As well as all of this, there will be red hair and face painting, litter picking in red tutus, and singing at the top of Peel at 12:30pm. 

Why not head over to Maxwell and join in with some walking? You can then follow it up with a cake from the bake sale in the ELS school office.

Please show your support and donate here.