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Encourage students to tell us about their digital experience at Salford

Mar 11, 2019


The University is taking part in the JISC Digital Experience Survey for the first time to discover how our students feel about our digital environment and technologies. Please encourage your students to complete it.

The results will let us benchmark the digital experience of our students against students from other universities and learn more about our eResources provision, our digital facilities and if the lectures we give match up with the digital expectations of our students.


Students who complete the survey, which takes less than ten minutes, will be entered into a prize draw to win a £250 Amazon voucher.

The answers from our students will allow us to:

  • Find out how they would like digital technologies to be used in learning and teaching.
  • Understand how they use our digital environment and services and how we could improve them.
  • Target resources towards issues that matter to them.
  • Better understand how we can improve their digital skills and employability needs.
  • Work together with them to improve and shape their digital experience.
  • Help them reflect on their own digital experience and highlight areas they may wish to develop further.

Encourage them to complete the survey now!  All they need to do is sign on to Blackboard and click the Digital Experience Survey button on the left-hand side of the screen.