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Week in the life of a Graduate Intern #4

Feb 22, 2019


Each week, our new graduate intern, Holly, will be sharing her experience as she crosses over from student to staff member... 


We’re nearly at the one-month mark. Can you believe it? The past four weeks have certainly gone by quickly, and I feel I am settling in well (I’m even starting to get used to going into the office instead of lectures- almost!). In this blog, I will be sharing with you what I got up in my fourth week as a Graduate Intern.


What I didn’t tell you last week is that on Friday I attended the launch of photography exhibition SIXTEEN. The Q&A provided a great opportunity to find out more about the project and to hear from photographers Paul Easton, Michelle Sank, and Jillian Edelstein, who has photgraphed the likes of Nelson Mandela and Helena Bonham Carter! I have never particularly considered myself a photographer, but, as a Creative Writing graduate, I loved to hear the fascinating stories behind the pictures. At the event, I was able to speak to the photographers, students, the assistant curator, the creative producer, some photography students and even one of the sixteen-year olds who took part in the project! I then wrote up an article about it on Tuesday. If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, make sure to check it out.


This week, I have also been working on two articles about two fellow Creative Writing students and their poetry successes. Postgraduate Qudsia has had her poem published in Acumen Magazine, which I was thrilled to hear about because she was in one of my third-year seminar groups. Meanwhile, level four student Jardel Rodrigues had the chance to perform his poem, Barbirolli Square, at the British Council’s 2019 Literature Seminar in Berlin.


Thursday was, of course, the launch of the University’s Economic and Social Impact Report (you can read that here). The report gave us an exciting insight into the University’s unheard story. To celebrate, Internal Communications launched a massive social campaign using the #SalfordUntold hashtag- this gave me the opportunity to create lots of nice, shareable content (such as the example below). 


I have also started to work on a few projects for the Press Office, which I will no doubt be able to tell you some more about next week; until then, have a great weekend!



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