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Salford Speaks: Andrew & Charlotte on why our social & economic impact is no longer untold

Feb 21, 2019

L-R: Andrew, Maria & Charlotte
L-R: Andrew, Maria & Charlotte

Our new Social and Economic Impact Report is set to shine a light on our untold story – from how we’re a hotbed of entrepreneurial talent, to how thousands of jobs across the city are dependent on the university.

A few days before the release of the report we caught up with Associate Director of External Affairs Andrew Snowden and Public Affairs Manager Charlotte to tell us more. The pair chat to us about civic responsibility, what gives Salford a drive to be different and why, after powering progress for nearly 125 years, we’re investing £300M in our campus.

To mark the release of the report we are encouraging colleagues to share their stories on social media using the #SalfordUntold hashtag. What hidden gems should we shout about? Or what makes you most proud of Salford that you want to tell the world about? 

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