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Bisexuality- LGBT+ video series

Feb 08, 2019

Our Inclusion and Diversity team have been working closely with Salford Proud on a great campaign to help us to learn more about LGBT+ initialism (the labels that fall under ‘+’).

Every week throughout February we’ll be sharing short videos with Helen Clegg, Trans and Non-Binary Officer, right here on the staff channel and across social media. She’ll be explaining about LGBT+ labels and what we can do to be more aware of diversity as a community. 


  • Bisexuality can be defined as being attracted to men and women, but for some people it can be defined as being attracted to the same gender as you and other genders.
  • Did you know, famous bisexual people include Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, and Freddie Mercury?

Why do labels matter?

Having the tools to be able to act more confidently when engaging with LGBT+ colleagues, students and the wider community is hugely valuable. Labels are for self-identification, so remember to be sensitive and call people by the label they’d like to be known as.

Head over to @UoSEquality and @SalfordProud to see what else is going on during LGBT+ History Month.