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Week in the life of a Graduate Intern

Feb 01, 2019


Each Friday, our new graduate intern will be sharing her experience as she crosses over from student to staff member... 


My name is Holly, and I graduated last year with a first in Drama and Creative Writing. From helping to set up a new writing society to getting involved in student radio, I adored my time at Salford. Therefore, I was happy to start an internship in Marketing and External Relations at the university. 




I was first made aware of the Graduate Internship Programme during a meeting with one of the university’s fantastic careers advisors. At the time, I was coming towards the end of my degree and was looking out towards the scary world of employment. 


Since graduating, I have had several different opportunities thanks to my time at Salford; this includes doing some TV runner work, being on a radio station’s street team and working as a bookseller. However, when applying for full-time graduate-level positions in fields such as marketing, I came across a recurring problem: lack of experience. Therefore, I knew the Graduate Internship Programme was exactly what I needed to give my CV that extra boost. 


My first week as a Marketing and External Relations intern- or Graduate Business Associate, as I have been told to call myself- has been eye-opening. The strangest thing about it has been seeing the university from the eyes of an employee. A year ago, I would have been attending a one-to-one with my tutor in Crescent House; now, I find myself working in the building next door. The adjustment has been strange (it turns out working here involves early mornings, five-day a week commutes, and wearing smart shoes; a big change from student life, I know). 


So, what did my first week involve? Mostly, I have been getting to know my colleagues, who have all been very welcoming. I have also been learning what the internal communications team do, as well as learning how to schedule tweets and operate Outlook Diary. The crossover from student to intern has been a strange one, as I am starting to see the university from ‘the other side’. For a start, I had no idea the staff channel even existed, and you can imagine how bizarre it felt to be suddenly sitting in on the Vice-Chancellor's Address for staff. Most importantly, though, I get my own lanyard and desk, equipped with stationary. Afterall, it’s the little things that count.   

Holly's Twitter: @twell24