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Menopause Policy online now

Jan 10, 2019


Two of our colleagues in the Finance Division, Jeanette Seale and Angela Cross, have been working on how best to raise awareness and put guidance in place for staff affected by the menopause. With the assistance of Athena Swan, Women’s Voice and HR’s Inclusion and Diversity team, the group has been successful in implementing a menopause policy which provides advice and guidance for all colleagues and managers. 


A few facts on menopause

  1. It is part of the natural ageing process for women, it refers to the point in time when menstruation has ceased for 12 consecutive months and a women has reached the end of her reproductive life, when the ovaries stop producing eggs.
  2. Approximately half (47%) of the UK’s workforce comprise of women of those employed aged over 50, 45% are women, representing 3.5 million workers. Thus many of today’s women workers are or will be working through the menopause and managing associated symptoms.
  3. The top associated symptoms of the menopause are hot flushes, palpitations, poor concentration, brain fog and sleep disturbance, severe headaches and fatigue.
  4. Many women are ill prepared for the onset of the menopause, many felt the required help and advice and felt dealing with their symptoms in the work place challenging - feeling uncomfortable disclosing their difficulties to their managers, particularly those who were younger or male.

A small support group has already been established for those dealing with the symptoms of menopause and there are plans to create a University-wide support group in the near future for colleagues who are working whilst managing the varied symptoms that can be associated with the menopause and as a helpful resource for managers.

The creation of the policy and the small support group is a huge triumph for the University since it puts us in line with organisations such as Nottingham Police force, which had set up a policy which is now being rolled out through the Metropolitan police, who also realised the need and responsibility for such policy.

The policy is available to read via the HR website under Inclusion & Diversity.