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Fitness and wellbeing month: Tip five - getting into good habits

Jan 08, 2019

Every day throughout January the Sports Centre will be sharing top fitness and wellbeing tips with you. Salford's very own fitness gurus Daley O'Neal and Michael Thomasson will be giving out quick-fire, manageable tips aimed at getting your body and mind on track for a healthy 2019. From building a good relationship with exercise to taking advantage of the classes and facilities right here on campus, there's lots to keep you motivated. Plus they'll be giving away a month's free Sports Centre pass - all you need to do is tell us how you're applying one of their tips in your everyday life (simply email us at or tweet us at @USinternalcomms). 

Getting into good habits is really beneficial but don’t stress when you don’t go to the gym when you'd planned, or you’ve had two cheat meals this week. It's ok to slip up, because learning a habit is like learning a new skill. It takes time, patience and persistence. Acknowledge the mistake and start fresh the next day. 

Eating out frequently is never a problem as long as you use the five habits to help you with choosing your meals.

Find out more about the sports centre here.

  1. Eat slowly. You should take around 15 – 20 minutes to finish your meal and also stop eating when you’re at around 80% full.
  2. Check how much protein is going to be on the plate. Women should aim to eat around one palm-size portion of protein, a two for men.
  3. Check you're having a two palm-size portions of veggies. We should be aiming to eat around two per meal.
  4. Ask yourself if it’s the best time to be eating carbs. If you’ve not just been working out then you should stay away from carbs and try swapping them for more veggies. If you really cant stay away try having whole grain breads.
  5. Keep your eyes open for the good fats on the menu. Try having look for fish, avocados, hummus, nuts or seeds instead.