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Fitness and wellbeing month: Day two - Fan Fit app challenge

Jan 03, 2019

Every day throughout January the Sports Centre will be sharing top fitness and wellbeing tips with you. Salford's very own fitness gurus Daley O'Neal and Michael Thomasson will be giving out quick-fire, manageable tips aimed at getting your body and mind on track for a healthy 2019. From building a good relationship with exercise to taking advantage of the classes and facilities right here on campus, there's lots to keep you motivated. Plus they'll be giving away a month's free Sports Centre pass - all you need to do is tell us how you're applying one of their tips in your everyday life (simply email us at or tweet us at @USinternalcomms). 

Once thing which is vital, is for you to be increasing and then subsequently tracking your general activity levels. Small changes now are going to be the key in terms of keeping your increased activity levels consistent. NEAT – Increase energy expenditure, increasing your energy expenditure away from the gym is just as important as what you undertake whilst in there. What better way to do this than to download this fantastic free app, developed by Alex Fenton from Salford Business School. Encourage colleagues to download and start department active leagues. 


The Sports Centre is giving away a free month's gym membership for February for everyone that accumulates 600,000 steps in January via the Fan Fit app (working out at just over 19,000 steps a day approx). The challenge is on! If you meet this target on the app email us at 

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