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Salford Conversations pecha kucha style

Nov 29, 2018

Pecha Kucha in full flow at Salford Conversations
Pecha Kucha in full flow at Salford Conversations

The first in the new series of Salford Conversations took place yesterday at MediaCityUK.

With a focus on communications, speakers used the Pecha Kucha (Japanese for “chit chat”) technique whereby 20 image-led slides are shown for 20 seconds each to keep presentations concise and fast-paced.

Howard Barringer from HR explained the process and welcomed Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr Sam Grogan who joined the session through a video clip. Sam introduced the Fit for the Future strategy, which will ensure our University is sustainable with an agile, empowered and motivated workforce able to deliver the best quality service to our students.

Anwen Bottois was first up and she expanded upon Sam’s video message, explaining that it was important that conditions were right for us to grow at Salford. The Fit for the Future strategy, led by a team in HR, would be trialled with the School of Arts and Media and implemented across the whole organisation in the 2020 -2021 academic year. It would move away from annual static performance appraisals for example to a more flexible approach to development where conversations would take place between colleagues throughout the year.

Dr Sarah Withers from ELS then enlightened the audience with her fascinating research on blood vessels, which play a vital role in health and the affect that obesity may have on these.

Davina Whitnall from Research and Enterprise spoke around the power of storytelling and encouraged colleagues to share their stories with each other in the break out session.

Dr Caroline Topham, a cancer researcher and lecturer in ELS gave an interesting quick-fire presentation of how child survivors of cancer often develop long-term health conditions due to the toxic nature of their treatment and her work to explore how we can try to mitigate this.

Chloe James was next up and took the attendees through a whistle-stop tour of her work in bacterial disease and bacterial phages, which has seen her conduct groundbreaking trials in Liverpool and the USA.

Emma Sprawson from HR gave an overview of the Reward and Recognition programme “My Salford” coming soon for all employees.

Delegates then took time out to network and reflect on what they’d seen in the presentations.

Finally, brave colleague Lynn Crook took the wildcard slot and gave a Pecha Kucha presentation on her work as an academic support manager in the Library.

Look out for details of the next Salford Conversations on US News Channel soon.

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