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AquaUoS - who are they?

Nov 30, 2018

AquaUoS is a new commercial unit that has just launched at the University this November. It exists as an enterprise centre within the School of Environment and Life Sciences (ELS) here at the University. It offers an innovative and unique consultancy service connecting environmental managers directly with experienced academics and practitioners, and utilising university skills and resources to drive innovation and improve sustainability on environmental projects. . In addition to providing these consultancy services, AquaUoS exists to add value to Salford’s ICZ strategy, providing students with direct access to live projects, industry partners and technological innovations.

What do AquaUoS do?

The understanding of rivers and floodplains, and their associated landscapes (fluvial geomorphology) are centrally involved in practical applications to support the agenda of sustainable river basin management, flood risk mitigation and river restoration. The aim is for AquaUoS to offer a process based hydromorphology, hydraulic modelling and survey service, improving environmental project delivery, sustainability and reducing project risks across the range of external business areas through early involvement. Their services include:

  • Fluvial and estuarine hydromorphology/fluvial geomorphology
  • Restoration, floodplain and wetland design
  • Scheme delivery and supervision
  • Hydromorphological and river restoration modelling (hydraulic and sediment)
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) compliance assessment
  • Survey, including the use of drones and integrated sensors 
  • Training
  • R&D


Meet the AquaUoS team

They operate a lean core staffing structure consisting of key personnel experienced in environmental consultancy. Its uniqueness stems from the integration of a diverse and informed wider staff base from across the University. Within the umbrella of fluvial geomorphology, AquaUoS staff are world leaders in applying hydromorphology/geomorphology related services using the latest technology to provide an unrivalled service to the industry.

Neil Entwistle PhD PgCHE FHEA FRGS CGeog (Geomorph) River Scientist and Remote Sensing)

Fluvial Geomorphology background underpinned by BSc in Environmental Geography and PhD in open channel hydraulics and river simulation. Qualified drone operator.



George Heritage PhD FRGS (Geomorphology) 

One of the UK’s most senior hydromorphologists with a wealth of experience including Natural Flood Management, river restoration, weir removal, culvert assessment and rehabilitation and sediment modelling.



Sebastian Bentley BSc MCIWEM C.WEM (Geomorphology and Modelling)

Expert in sediment transport dynamics, hydraulic modelling, working with natural processes and natural flood management. 


AquaUoS partnerships

AquaUoS has established a research and enterprising partnership with; the UK’s leading drone specialists, who offering retail, rental, training, support, repairs and innovative bespoke drone builds.


For more information on AquaUoS please contact the team by clicking here. To find out more about the Air Navigation Amendment Order 2018 click here.

We’ll be looking to bring in resources and staff expertise across the university, if you are aware of a service you (or others) could provide please do get in contact with us.

             AquaUoS drones ready to be deployed                          A Drone’s view of the Borrowdale floodplain,

                  Near Patterdale, Lake District                                                                       Lake District