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Winter Graduation: access around Maxwell Building

Nov 28, 2018

Winter Graduation 2014
Winter Graduation


Winter graduation will take place on Wednesday 5 December and Thursday 6 December in Maxwell Hall. As part of the celebrations, and for safety of all students, colleagues and visitors to this event, access to Maxwell Hall and building will be limited with new routes clearly signed. Please stick to the pathways and zebra crossings when in the area.




A few of the changes you should expect to see:

  • Monday 3 December - all week, the Post Room will be relocated to The Old Fire Station, ground floor, east wing (Old Police Station side).
  • Wednesday 5 December and Thursday 6 December  - from 7am Wednesday until 7pm on Thursday, vehicles will not be permitted in front of Maxwell Hall, building or Maxwell Well.  All vehicles entering the Peel Campus via the A6 will go to the Gilbert Barrier for entry and vehicles leaving the Museum car park will leave through the campus, passing behind Peel building.

All disabled bays will remain open and people parking in these spaces will be assisted by security officers upon entering the car park.