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Salford Lecture Series: Grammy award winning producer Jim Anderson delivers talk at MCUK

Nov 27, 2018

Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson

Guests were treated to another engaging guest talk as part of Salford Lecture Series last Thursday when Grammy award winning producer Jim Anderson captivated the audience with tales from his fascinating career. Jim, who is a Professor at New York University, demonstrated to a packed audience at MediaCityUK how to ‘tell your story with sound’.  

Jim is an internationally recognised recording engineer of acoustic music for the recording, radio, television, and film industries. During the 1970s he was employed by National Public Radio and since 1980 Jim has had a career as an independent audio engineer and producer in New York City. He has been a frequent lecturer and speaker for the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and master-class guest faculty member at leading international institutes. 

“Firstly thanks so much for the warm welcome to Salford,” said Jim on opening his lecture. “I have to say I’m really impressed by your facilities at MediaCityUK, not to mention the energy around here.”

Much of the lecture focused on the power of sound and his knowledge of aurally setting a scene. Jim showcased a selection of his work for guests, playing excerpts he’d recorded on location around the world, from Folk Festival USA to the hustle and bustle on the streets of Grenada. “These clips show how the power of sound can illustrate a concept and truly enrich a piece of audio,” he said.

The lecture finished with a lively Q&A before Director of Music and Dance Tim France presented Jim with a commemorative plaque to mark the memorable event. He went on to thank the University for its hospitality and in particular Dr Kirsty Fairclough for the warm invitation. 

This Wednesday the inaugural lecture of Professor David Spicer will take place in Lady Hale Building. There’s still time to book a place but be quick!  

You can see a gallery of images from the event here:


Salford Lecture Series: Jim Anderson