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Large emergency services simulation this Friday

Nov 12, 2018

Adelphi building
The simulation will take place outside the Old Adelphi building

On Friday (16 November) there will be a major incident simulation happening outside the Old Adelphi and Centenary buildings and surrounding area. Approximately 150 emergency service personnel will take part in the training, alongside the Salvation Army who will be on site to provide refreshments for those involved. Please be assured there's no need to be concerned. 

Staff may also see an imitation decontamination unit on the car park to the rear of the Centenary building. Peru Street parking will be cordoned off by Greater Manchester Police, with limited parking on Farmer Norton. Colleagues are advised to park on Irwell Place on Friday which has sufficient space.

Our students will play an active role in the simulation, with pupils from the School of Arts and Media filming the day for fire service training, as well as assuming acting and directing roles.

To summarise, a large emergency services presence will be visible on the Crescent on Friday but this is purely for training purposes - please don't be alarmed.