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Sam's Cafe Conversations start up again

Oct 15, 2018

Dr Sam Grogan
Dr Sam Grogan

Dr Sam Grogan, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience, is beginning a new series of his popular Cafe Conversations. 

Sam will happily buy you a coffee in return for a chat about the big issues colleagues are talking about.
"I want to know what’s working, what’s not and what colleagues want to see from the University,” said Sam.
“I’ve had some great conversations over the last year and would love to hear from more colleagues and from students and share the latest news about the big things we’re all working on now. There’s no agenda – just turn up for a chat. The first one’s on me.”
You can find Sam at the following venues: 

31.10.2018                           10:30                     Allerton Café

8.11.2018                              14.45                     MediaCity UK Café

29.11.2018                           09:00                     Museum & Art Gallery Café

10.12.2018                           14:00                     New Adelphi Café

02.01.2019                           15:00                     Maxwell Café

18.01.2019                           09:30                     Library Café

28.01.2019                          14:30                     MediaCity UK Café

13.02.2019                           09:30                     Crescent House Café

26.02.2019                          14:30                     Mary Seacole Café

11.03.2019                           13:00                     Atmosphere Kitchen & Bar Café

27.03.2019                           10:00                     Allerton Café

08.04.2019                           11:00                     New Adelphi Café

24.04.2019                          13:00                     Maxwell Café

09.05.2019                          14:30                     Museum & Art Gallery Café

20.05.2019                          13:30                     Library Café

06.06.2019                          14:30                     MediaCity UK Café

19.06.2019                          11:00                     Crescent House Café

04.07.2019                           09:00                     Maxwell Café

17.07.2019                           13:30                     Allerton Café