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Have you spotted our new autonomous vehicle?

Oct 10, 2018

The Navya autonomous vehicle
The Navya autonomous vehicle

You might be able to catch a sneak peak of our new NAVYA autonomous vehicle, as it ventures out of its secret location on to our Peel Park campus during its trial commissioning period.

The vehicle will be the first of its kind to run in the UK and will put us at the forefront of teaching and research in this exciting new field. It is an integral part of the recently launched undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Autonomous and Automotive Vehicle Technology (AAVT) and associated courses, giving our students unparalleled hands-on experience in operating and developing this leading edge technology.

If you are lucky enough to spot the shuttle, you may notice it’s a little underdressed at the moment, but it will soon be branded up and sporting our full University livery.

As the vehicle finds its feet (wheels?), there will be a little disruption on campus as below:

10th October 8pm to 8.30pm, from the University Road roundabout around the rear of the Newton Building , between Newton and Peel Building  and through Cockcroft Road.

11 October 7pm and 11pm – restricted access to the above through the roads and car parks. Colleagues wishing to exit campus may be delayed by a few minutes.

12 October – there may be intermittent delays for staff wishing to exit campus

Thank you for your patience in this matter and look out for lots more information coming soon on social media and US News Channel.