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Professorial Inaugural Lecture: Professor Insook Choi

Oct 09, 2018

Professor Allan Walker presents Professor Insook Choi with her commemorative plaque
Professor Allan Walker presents Professor Insook Choi with her commemorative plaque

Professor Insook Choi gave her inaugural professorial lecture on Thursday (4 October), the fourth in our Salford Lecture Series this year.

Her subject was "Interdisciplinary Creativity in a Multisensory and Multimodal Framework"

Dean of the School of Arts & Media, Professor Allan Walker introduced Professor Choi, saying “Insook is a true polyglot. Being able to bring people like Insook into our University who are comfortable in this ‘new space’ is very good for us and our aspirations to truly embrace cross-disciplinary working.”

He explained how Insook’s research considers how technology interacts with us and we interact with it – human-computer interaction - thus bridging the arts and sciences. Since joining the School of Arts & Media as Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology and Chair in Creative Media and Technology, Insook has already started work with the School of Health and Society and Four Seasons Healthcare looking at the ways we view patients and with the School of Computing, Science and Engineering exploring ‘performance’ with The Lowry.

Her creative work reflects her engagement with new media forms, technology, research and development, as well as cognitive and human sciences. Her research incorporates virtual reality, human movement studies, artificial intelligence (AI) methods and prototyping media performance systems amongst other areas, Her stunning interactive performances and compositions which were featured in the lecture have been performed and broadcast at international venues.

Professor Choi is a founding member of the Studio for International Media and Technology at MediaCity UK. She previously worked at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the City University of New York, New York University and most recently, Columbia College Chicago where she held the post of Associate Provost for Creative Technology Strategy. Her research is widely published in diverse journals, international conferences, and research editions and she participates on international editorial boards and conference committees in areas of creative technology, human-computer interaction, interactive media, and artificial intelligence.

She began by explaining multisensory and multimodality with interdisciplinary perspectives and examples. She then challenged the audience to think about our interaction with technology, whether that be through movement, emotion, sound, touch for example:

Can we achieve fluency with computers, akin to fluent musicians with their instruments?

Can we improve the human experience through a multi-modal repertoire?

Click below to watch and listen to Insook’s lecture in full.

Lecture without Qs from US News Channel videos on Vimeo.

After a fascinating interactive lecture, Insook concluded that the last half century had been about shaping technology, and the next half century we need a paradigm shift for shaping human experience. For this, interdisciplinary creativity will become a vital skill. Complex technology would help us “invent less for more” and be user-centred and personalised within the limits of privacy and security.

After an interesting Q and A session, Professor Allan Walker presented Insook with a commemorative plaque, before guests continued the conversations over light refreshments.

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