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Our un-expected Autumn recruitment campaign

Oct 04, 2018

One of our new Facebooks ads
One of our new Facebooks ads

We’re pleased to share our brand new Autumn recruitment campaign which will be visible across a number of channels. Distinctive in its look and feel, the campaign builds on our popular ‘Become unstoppable’ tag line and introduces a number of key headlines including ‘Be unafraid’, ‘Be unbreakable’ and be ‘Be unphased’.

Imagery takes inspiration from real people and embraces diversity and inclusivity, both of which are widely celebrated at Salford. Our campus also takes a starring role, with scenic shots of the New Adelphi and Peel buildings featured throughout.  

“We’ve gone for a slightly edgier feel for our Autumn campaign which works really well,” says Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Hannah Burchell. “The positivity of Become Unstoppable has definitely resonated with a lot of people so we decided to develop it further. We’ve also adopted a really targeted approach and gone straight to the channels our target market use the most so you’ll find a lot of our ads on Google, Instagram, YouTube and Sky.”


The integrated campaign, created alongside award-winning branding and design agency True North, has just started and will run over the next few months across digital, television and outdoor media. Noticeably, the artwork features intentional  over-hyphenation on words, aimed at stopping the observer in their tracks and drawing their eyes towards the advertisement.

“Don't be surprised if you don't see the campaign everywhere - that's to be expected,” says Studio Manager Andrea Green. “We’ve been really strategic in targeting 17-18 year olds in particular with our advertising, steering them to attend one of our forthcoming open days as a call-to-action. Of course, there are places you’ll spot the campaign, including our outdoor advertising at Manchester Piccadilly Station and on the Mancunian Way Bridge for example.”

Our Undergraduate Open Days are taking place on Saturday 6 and Saturday 27 October  – please spread the word amongst your friends and family!

Recruitment and Admissions Support Manager Vicki Hennessy says: "The Open Days are a great opportunity for our prospective students to come along with their families and find out more about their chosen course (or courses!) of study and about the University. We know at this stage in their research they’re really interested in finding out about facilities, location, accommodation and our campus, and the Open Day provides them with the chance to do all of those things. We’re looking forward to welcoming our prospective students for 2019 and showcasing what we have to offer."

Watch one of our YouTube ads here:

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