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Give gum a second life

Jul 12, 2018

Please encourage your students to use Gumdrop
Please encourage your students to use Gumdrop

You have probably noticed the pink spheres that have popped up around the University. These are Gumdrops, special bins that allow chewing gum to be recycled. The aim is that these bubble-gum pink receptors will encourage people to dispose of their gum responsibly, tackling gum removal costs and creating a cleaner campus.

Not only will the bins help prevent costly chewing gum litter, the gum collected will be recycled into more Gumdrop bins and other products, creating a closed loop recycling process.

Gumdrop Ltd, founded by Anna Bullus, create a material called Gum-tec from the recycled chewing gum and this is used to make various products using existing manufacturing processes, such as reusable coffee cups, pencils, guitar picks and wellington boots. You can make your own suggestions of what the Gum-tec could be made into on the website.

Gumdrop Ltd have also developed Gumdrop On-the-go, a mini Gumdrop on a keyring that makes recycling your chewing gum even easier. Simply pop your used gum inside and when it is full drop it into a Gumdrop bin. If you are a regular gum chewer and would like a free Gumdrop On-the-go, then get in touch with Neva.

If you work with students then please spread the word to use the bins when they get back after the summer and to find out more about Gumdrop Ltd, visit their website

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