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New social media guidelines for staff

Jun 12, 2018

Social media guidelines
Social media guidelines

Our social media team in Marketing & External Relations have just released a set of helpful social media guidelines for staff. The handy resource has been designed to help colleagues who manage social media accounts associated with the University.

You’ll find lots of useful information, including a platform guide, hints and tips, information on reputation management and even a directory which lists the whole range of social media accounts across the University.

"We're extremely fortunate at Salford to have a real diversity of staff and student voices who have expert knowledge in a whole range of areas. These guidelines are here to support you to feel confident sharing that expertise with the world through social media,” said Hannah Burchell, Associate Director Marketing & Communications.

“In conjunction with these guidelines, our Social Media Officer is available to help you reach a bigger, more relevant audience. Using both resources together will ensure that your messages are consistent and in line with the high standards we set ourselves when representing the University in all public spheres, both off and online."

If you would like to set up a University social media account, please get in touch with our Social Media Officer in the first instance. They can support you with:

  • access to the social media management platform used by the University, enabling post scheduling and analytics
  • branded assets and graphics
  • consultancy and campaign planning
  • wider promotion and sharing of content through the main University social media channels.

Please contact Catherine Beachill, Social Media Officer, at

Click here to find our new social media guidelines.