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Salford Academics Visit World Leader in Fire Safety

Jun 07, 2018

The Drager visit. See main article for photo caption.
The Drager visit. See main article for photo caption.

Martyn Mathews and Dr Steve Pearson from the School of Health Sciences were recently invited by international fire safety specialists Dräger to visit their research and development centre in Germany. The invitation was given to discuss potential collaborative research around physiological monitoring of fire fighters and other workers who operate in hostile environments. 

With an annual turnover in excess of £1bn, Dräger is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of breathing apparatus and protective equipment to the emergency services.  Martyn and Steve are currently undertaking a research project sponsored by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services to determine how the core body temperature of operational fire fighters could be monitored remotely in real time in order to give an early warning of possible heat stress. 

When entering burning buildings fire fighters can experience ambient temperatures in excess of 200?C; heat stroke (which can prove fatal) is a real risk in these conditions and there is currently no practical means of measuring the core body temperature of an operational firefighter. 

Dräger researchers were very interested to hear about the initial results from Martyn and Steve’s work with Manchester firefighters.  A return visit by Dräger is planned for August when further discussions will take place.

Pictured from l to r:

Joe Flanagan, Business Development Manager, Enterprise
Brian Hesler, Consultant, Dräger UK
Dr Steve Pearson, School of Health Sciences
Brian Highlands, Operations Support Manager, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue
Martyn Matthews, School of Health Sciences
Axel Bahr, Marketing Manager Mining, Dräger
Axel Bischoff, Application Manager, Body and Breathing Protection, Dräger