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Valuing Patients' Time Conference

Jun 06, 2018

Chief Nursing Officer NHS England Jane Cummings
Chief Nursing Officer NHS England Jane Cummings

Salford Professional Development hosted the Valuing Patients’ Time Conference yesterday at Salford Royal Hospital.

Margaret Rowe and Brian Boag from the School of Health and Society chaired the sold-out training conference.

The Conference looked at how patients’ time could be prioritised and how practice could be improved to prevent deconditioning. The muscle wastage and loss of strength caused by long periods of hospital bedrest can have a major impact on the ability of older patients to live independently. The #EndPJparalysis campaign seeks to address this by encouraging patients not to wear pyjamas, stay out of bed and be more active during their hospital stay.

Evidence show that this approach aids faster recovery, improves mental wellbeing and helps patient flow. As the NHS strives to become more sustainable, initiatives like this serve as an example of the kind of small change that can have a big impact on patient outcomes.

Keynote speaker Jane Cummings Chief Nursing Officer NHS England began by thanking everyone in the room for the care they gave, at a time of unprecedented pressure in the NHS. She emphasised how it was little things that made a big difference and that public respect for nurses and midwives was at an all time high. She talked about the resources available to nurses online and the six Cs of care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment that underpinned the profession.

Professor Brian Dolan, who originated the #Last1000days and the #EndPJParalysis campaigns and Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE, Chief Nursing Officer of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust also spoke passionately about the work that could be done to improve patient outcomes.

In the afternoon, the Conference looked at developing and communicating the message, changing culture and practice, a case study from Salisbury District Hospital. The session drew to a close in emotive fashion as Chris Pointon concluded by talking about the legacy of his late wife Kate Granger and the #hellomynameis story.

Watch the interview below with Jane, Brian and Chris.