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Salford Speaks: Polly, Nicole and Andrew on why student support matters

Apr 24, 2018

L-R Andrew Hartley, Nicole Hoult, Polly Smith
L-R: Andrew Hartley, Nicole Holt, Polly Smith

In this month’s podcast we turn our attention to student support and the services we offer here at Salford. This episode is also an opportunity discuss our Prevent duty and why the University took the decision to carry out an independent review last year. 

Speaking on this episode are Nicole Holt and Polly Smith from Student Support and our Director of Legal and Governance Andrew Hartley.

“I’m really proud of our student support offering here at Salford,” said Nicole before the recording. “There’s a variety of paths our students can go down when they’re looking for support during their studies. Hopefully we’ll cover some of these in this episode.”

Andrew adds “Ultimately we’re all here to ensure our students have the best possible experience and receive the help they need. Our Prevent duty feeds into this and allows us to support the more vulnerable students out there. I feel openness is key and hopefully this podcast will help to clear up a few of the myths that are around.”

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