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A message from our Registrar: The use of Unitemps to recruit and employ casual workers

Apr 10, 2018

Alison Blackburn
Alison Blackburn

Dear colleagues,

I would like to remind you that if you intend to recruit and employ casual workers (including students) to work for the University, you must process this through the Unitemps agency.

Unitemps is our on-campus recruitment agency and is used to coordinate the recruitment and employment of casual workers, including students, across the University. Unitemps helps colleagues to hire all casual workers for up to thirteen weeks. Following seven work breaches reported to the Home Office a temporary cessation on the employment of international students was imposed and it is only with the sole use of Unitemps that this can be lifted.

By using Unitemps we can be assured that all necessary right-to-work and visa checks are undertaken before allocating work to casual workers. Please do not assume that because a student says they can work in the UK that they can. Every casual worker, regardless of nationality, needs to have a right-to-work check with Unitemps before the agency can assign them work. The Unitemps system also prevents registered international students from working more than the permitted hours stated on their visa, regardless of how many roles across the University they apply for and engage in.

You must not directly allocate work to casual workers. Please speak to the Unitemps team in advance of recruiting casual workers, regardless of whether you have specific workers or students in mind or whether you need Unitemps to find suitable recruits. Work, and training related to this work, can only be allocated to casual workers in advance by Unitemps staff, after they have completed their registration with Unitemps, which includes two steps:

  1. completion of an online form
  2. a right-to-work check in-person with Unitemps staff in University House.

When the work has been assigned, an email notification from Unitemps will be sent to you stating the job reference, job title, the casual worker’s name, the role title, hours and days of work and the hourly cost to the specified Agresso budget code.

Do not assume that when a casual worker says they have registered with Unitemps that they have completed both steps stated above. If both steps have not been completed they are not fully registered with Unitemps, nor are they compliant to work in accordance with Home Office regulations. Only by receiving an email notification can you be assured that the worker is fully registered to work and undergo any related training.

More information is available for colleagues on using Unitemps at

or you can contact Unitemps directly using the contact details below.

Unfortunately there continues to be instances of casual workers being hired directly without the involvement of Unitemps and requests being made to pay for work retrospectively. This is an extremely serious matter and could lead to fines and penalties being imposed by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and the loss of the University’s sponsor licence. The University takes its UKVI compliance obligations seriously and the measures outlined above have been put in place to protect the University’s sponsor licence. It will be a serious disciplinary offence if any further disregard or avoidance is given to this notice.

In summary, you must:

  • not engage casual workers, including students, to conduct any work directly (this includes invigilation and demonstrations)
  • attend the relevant training sessions advertised by Human Resources (HR) and the Home Office Compliance Team on Advantage if you are a hiring manager
  • commission work through Unitemps in advance of the work being undertaken (this includes invigilation and demonstrations)
  • wait for a confirmation notification by email from Unitemps to say the work has been allocated to the casual worker, once the worker has fully registered by completing the two step process. You must receive this email notification before the worker is engaged to work or undertakes any training relating to this work 
  • agree allocation of additional hours with Unitemps in advance to ensure international students do not work beyond their permitted hours.

Unitemps can be contacted at or by phone

  • Olivia Mooney – internal Recruitment Advisor ext 57386
  • Lisa Aylesbury – Internal Recruitment Advisor ext 56325
  • Nathan Beadmore – Internal Recruitment Advisor ext 50407
  • Bridget Carter – Head of Branch ext 53256

For all other non-casual work queries please contact the HR Central Service Team on 52121, or the UKVI Compliance Team on 50023. For information on the process around academic/ guest lecturers please speak to your School Operations Manager in the first instance.

Kind regards


Alison Blackburn
University Registrar and Secretary