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Use our in-house print room – win a camera!

Feb 13, 2018

Print room

Getting your work printed at our in-house print room is now as easy as sending it to your staff room printer.

Ricoh, who run our state-of-the-art print room, has launched a new system – you may need to reboot your PC for this to show up – that allows you to send an item to the print room in the same way you would to your usual staff printer.

Anyone who uses the new system before 1 May will automatically be entered into a competition to win a GoPro style camera worth £149.

When you’re ready to send your work to the print room you just need to press print and choose ‘Print Room’ from your printer options before running through a couple of very quick steps to ensure your document(s) come out right. You’ll also need your department’s budget code.

The print room offers a high quality finish and its printers are built for large print runs unlike your staff room printers, which are only able to manage smaller print runs. Sending a larger print run to the print room also means that colleagues aren’t waiting for all your documents to come out.

You can get promotional materials printed, including foamex boards and pull-up stands, as well as more traditional jobs like colour printing. The print room even offers a mounting and binding service.

The print room is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. You can ring them on 0161 295 4626 or email them at

Please note: the ‘Print Room’ printer option is only available on campus.