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Students' Union elections (5-16 February)

Feb 06, 2018

Nominations for the Students’ Union elections are open from Monday 5th February – Monday 16th February. The elections are the most important event in the SU calendar and every year provides an excellent opportunity for students to take part in a unique experience, gaining skills which they can carry forward into both their studies and careers post-graduation.

For those elected the opportunity to lead their Students’ Union is an opportunity like no other; being at the forefront of the student voice and ensuring all members of USSU are fully represented. This year we are asking staff to tell us about any students who they feel would make an amazing Sabbatical Officer. It might be that you have an exceptional course rep, a student member of staff who goes above and beyond or a student who simply has great leadership qualities.

You can tell us about them via our website and we’ll get in touch with the student.

The majority of students who stand for election do so because someone suggested they should, so a recommendation from a member of staff they know and respect can have a significant impact.

Students have until 12 noon on Friday 16th February to nominate themselves and they can do this by completing the online form.

We also have a resource pack that has been produced for staff with more information about how you can help us promote the elections.