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Help support our students by registering for Prevent Training

Feb 06, 2018

You can find useful documents on the University Prevent webpages
You can find useful documents on the University Prevent webpages

The Prevent Duty for Higher Education institutions is now just over two years old. The Duty makes it mandatory for all public authorities, including universities like ours, to have due regard to  the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.

The core aim of the Duty aligns with our own priorities at Salford to support our students and look after their welfare and we positively promote Prevent-related awareness training to all colleagues. Nearly 500 of you have already attended student support training or the Introduction to Prevent course – both of which cover the Prevent Duty. We have completed substantial work in making sure we comply with the Duty and you can find out more specifically about what that means for us and what’s been put in place here.

Associate Director of Student and Academic Support Nicole Holt said: “Any time anyone has any concerns about students, irrespective of the reason, please do let our Wellbeing and Counselling team know – the same goes for letting HR know if you have worries about a colleague. We’re glad to help.”

We would encourage all colleagues to look back over notes from sessions they have attended to familiarise themselves again with the Prevent training or to book onto the next available sessions advertised on Salford Advantage. There are two levels of training, which you can search for and register on by following the links below and logging into Advantage:

  •  Introduction to Prevent: for staff who deal with students on a daily basis or who want to understand more about the Prevent Duty generally, be that security, library, estates, maintenance or cleaners and student support teams. The next one is on Tuesday 13 February;
  • Introduction to Student Support: 300 academic and professional services staff have already taken part in this training, centred largely around student welfare and support. The next two dates are Tuesday 27 March and Tuesday 10 April. 
  • Senior management training and awareness, led by the Department for Education’s regional Prevent co-ordinator. These sessions are by invitation from the Legal & Governance team. The next session is on 23 February for new Council Members and University senior managers.

Director of Legal and Governance Andrew Hartley added: “We’ve got dedicated Prevent webpages you can turn to as a reminder, with some useful FAQs. The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) Prevent webpages include a great blog that helps bust some common Prevent myths.”