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Leading at Salford

Jan 01, 2010

Leading at Salford (January 2018)
Leading at Salford (January 2018)

The purpose of this Leading at Salford event was to bring together University Leaders to have meaningful conversations around these three questions:

o   What do we need to do behaviourally to develop strong industry partnerships?

o   What’s Stopping us?

o   What’s the ONE thing we need to do?



Thank you to colleagues who contributed to the conversations and really demonstrated that Salford Leaders are DARING, INNOVATIVE and ACHIEVING.

There were four broad themes which emerged from our conversations:

1         Build strong communities:  Build relationships everywhere.  Help each other.  Be curious about what’s going on in other parts of the University.  Learn from each other.  Say what you mean in a clear and respectful way.

2         Take risks:  Fail fast.  Fail forward.  Fail quickly.  Work around systems and processes.  Innovate Daily:  Try, make mistakes, test, reflect, learn, do better.

3         Our behaviours:  How can we get things done differently by using more effective behaviours?  It starts with us.  Use the Salford Behaviours to guide you.  (see attached).

4         Share achievements quickly:  Be proud of the work we all do.  Successes and failures. Build on strengths. Encourage those around you to do the same.

By working together to focus on these areas now, we can improve the colleague experience and in turn deliver a great experience for our students. 

Leading and developing people is everyone’s business. Leading at Salford events are ‘everyday’ opportunities to connect with your Leadership colleagues and have the conversations which are important to you. Our next Leading at Salford is on Monday 30th April 2018.  If you would like to contribute to the development of this session, please email Robert Ritchie in the Organisational Development team

Thank you all for continuing to make Salford University a great place to work. I'll finish on a word cloud that was created from all the discussions that took place on Monday...