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UK-Pakistan research collaboration on Infrastructure Resilience

Jan 05, 2018

Academics from the School of Built Environment, have been successful is securing a research grant  from British Council. Research project focuses on enhance condition of Pakistan’s Critical Physical Infrastructre. As part of this grant, a workshop will be conducted in Islamabad from 14 to 16 Feb 2018 involving 15 UK academics and industry experts and counterparts from host country.

Project is sponsored by the Newton Fund and British Council, as part of a five-year programme supported to encourage international research partnerships. The initiative provides opportunities for early career researchers to learn from each other and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research collaborations. There will be 15 researchers and experts travelling from the UK to Pakistan, and there will be a similar number of experts and academics from the partner country.

Dr Zeeshan Aziz, lead coordinator and a lecturer at the University, said: “The current state of Pakistan's Critical Physical Infrastructure (CPI) (e.g. Dams, bridges, rail and road network, airports, water supply and sewage disposal, etc.) is often described as inadequate. Infrastructure faces multiple crises including inadequate funding, ageing and deterioration and fast approaching end of their useful lives. The situation is further exacerbated by natural and man-made extreme events in recent years, leading to significant human and economic losses”.

 “The workshop will bring together the UK and Pakistani researchers from multiple disciplines including the built environment, engineering, management, computing and social sciences. It will focus on the exploration of innovative approaches to enhance the resilience of Critical Physical infrastructure”.

“The workshop will allow participants from UK and host country to work together in intensive group activities over 3 days period, to develop new collaborative research projects aimed at enhancing infrastructure resilience. It will also contribute to the professional development of early career researchers providing the opportunity for real-time peer review, working alongside senior mentors.”

This workshop is part of our continued engagement of SOBE with Newton Fund with previous workshops conducted in Malaysia, Turkey, Vietnam and Egypt.