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Parking around Frederick Road campus

Dec 07, 2017

 Please be aware of car parking arrangements this week

Please can staff be aware that Salford City Council has received a request from the East Salford Community Committee to introduce ‘Residents’ Permit Parking Only’ restrictions on a number of residential streets around Strawberry Road area to provide some level of priority for on-street parking for residents close to their homes.

The request has been approved and the new restrictions will apply from January 2018 on Monday to Friday (8am - 6pm) and Saturday (8am – noon). 

The exact date the restrictions start on has yet to be announced by Salford City Council but it is expected to be early in the new year. Signs will be in place once the scheme comes in to force, and we encourage colleagues to find alternative parking from January to avoid the risk of a fine.

Streets chosen for the Residents Parking Scheme are:

·         Eades Street

·         Gerrard Street

·         Gloucester Place

·         Gore Street

·         Nichols Street

·         Strawberry Road

·         Upper Gloucester Street

You can read the report for the proposal in full here.