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Fashion lecturer Jonathan delivers a music masterclass to students with his band

Oct 09, 2017

Jonathan Flanders performs for students with his band
Jonathan Flanders performs for students with his band

Last week Salford lecturer Jonathan Flanders delivered a special masterclass music students in Peel Hall. His synth-heavy three piece band Ménage à Trois, who were recently named new band of the week by the Guardian, have recently been garnering lots of attention. “The band are on the cusp of really making it in their field,” said Director of Music & Dance Tim France. “That’s why I invited them to speak to you today – this is something you all can achieve too if you work for it.”

Jonathan, who teaches Fashion Styling & Image Making, got his break with the band when they were playing a gig in the South of France. “There were lots of A&R people there. I think we were playing a Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers song at the time,” he said. “Things came together quite organically. I might not be the most technical person musically but I feel absolutely everything that I sing.”

Students then got to hear first-hand about what it’s like to tour, along with how they’ve built a good working relationship with their record label. The band, whose music was described by the Guardian as “lounge-funk, distressed R&B, airbrushed yacht rock and chillwave melancholia”, played a selection of tracks from their EPs and new album for students before taking questions.

When asked what is next for the band, Jonathan replied “Well we’ve been invited to play at a big party for Gucci next week in Amsterdam so that’s exciting.” Very fitting for a fashion lecturer with the musical talent to match.

Music Masterclasses take place in Peel Hall on Fridays in Peel Hall and are a great opportunity for students to pick up advice and inspiration from those in the industry. A week early former Stone Roses guitarist Aziz Ibrahim delivered the first masterclass of the semester to 350 attentive students. "Our music masterclasses contribute to the excellent student experience we offer here at Salford. Hearing first-hand from those in the industry can be really inspiring and means students can pick up insider tips that they can't get elsewhere," said Tim France who organises the sessions.