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Schools share best practice at T&L Showcase

Sep 29, 2017

VC Helen Marshall
VC Helen Marshall

Earlier this month we held the first Teaching and Learning (T&L) Showcase of the year. Opened by our Vice Chancellor, Helen Marshall, the event included five workshops and input from winners of the VC’s Teaching Excellence awards, The Quality & Enhancement Office (QEO) and industry partner Microsoft.   

Each workshop was an opportunity to share some of the excellent practice evident across our Schools and professional services as well as for participants to discuss ways it could be used in their own areas. It was a great opportunity for us to be our own ICZ partner.

Participants explored the way that Chris Procter and his team in Salford Business School have created an authentic experience of recruitment and selection across their school.  Amanda Miller demonstrated the power of simulation in learning using the award-winning facilities in Mary Seacole, whilst also showing that you don't always need a specialist environment to create real world simulations. 

Introducing the concept of rich pictures, Paul Tracey provided a compelling example of how to engage students in co-creative learning and how working with professional contacts, real-time in the classroom, can bring learning to life.  

We also had two sessions on digital fluency and how to maximise value from the learning platforms available to us. Amina Helal and Calum Thomson led sessions on how to move beyond Blackboard in engaging students whilst Microsoft rep Alan Crawford showcased the possibilities within Office 365.

The next showcase is being planned for 31 January 2018, with a third to come in the summer.  If you’re interested in broadening your T&L horizons, register using this form and we’ll let you know more nearer the time.

As we begin planning, we’d be delighted to receive any suggestions of topics, issues or speakers you would like to see featured in future events.  We will be aiming to vary the programme and format of sessions and would be happy to hear your suggestions for this as well.

T&L Showcase