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Free guest WiFi launches

Oct 05, 2017

Free guest WiFi launches today
Free guest WiFi launches today

As part of our ongoing efforts to digitise our campus, we have just launched a free WiFi service for guests. The service will be especially beneficial to those visiting the University for conferences, events and meetings, as well as open days and Graduation.

We have partnered with Sky to launch the complimentary service, which aims to improve our visitor experience here on campus. Currently the service is not yet available at our MediaCity UK campus, though this is set to be rolled out shortly.  

Guests can connect by enabling WiFi on their device and selecting ‘WiFi-Guest’. Staff and students should continue to use ‘UoS-WiFi’. If you currently use Eduroam, please continue to do so. Note, event facilitators will still need an associate account. 

“We want to give everyone who comes onto campus the best experience possible – our guest WiFi is free, quick and easy to use. So many people will benefit from the new service – from industry partners visiting us for meetings to families watching their loved ones at Graduation,” said Chief Information Officer John Whitlow.

If a visitor asks you about WiFi please let them know about this free service. If you have any further questions please contact James O’Reilly from Digital IT on