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A message from our Chief Information Officer: IT Services becomes Digital IT

Aug 08, 2017

Chief Information Officer John Whitlow
Our evolving IT department is now called Digital IT

I'm pleased to share, as part of the University’s ongoing strategy to revolutionise Salford’s digital offering, from today IT Services will now be known as Digital IT. The name-change is to coincide with a number of changes that are set to take place in the division over the coming months.

Firstly we are in the process of expanding the division’s leadership team who will develop the department over the next three to five years. This leadership team will work alongside myself to help shape the structure and approach of Digital IT and become a driver of positive, innovative strategic change here at the University.

Long-term, the Digital IT division will provide a consistent, fit-for-purpose digital experience for Schools, professional services, students and ICZ industry partners. The team will use its wide-ranging expertise to develop ‘Catalyst’, our recently approved digital strategy which puts technology at the forefront of what we do, in partnership with stakeholders across the University. Until Associate Directors are appointed to the new roles, I will act as interim Director for Digital Design, Digital Delivery and the Digital Strategy Office areas, with the support of experienced team members.

Our new Digital IT identity marks a significant step in our journey to becoming digital pioneers in the sector. The name-change is a statement of intent for IT here at Salford and we’re looking forward to establishing a fresh and enterprising operating model for the University. We’re determined to develop our people and find the best talent to complement the existing team and I’m excited to see the department take shape over the coming months and years.

Over the next few months you’ll start to see the term IT Services phase out and be replaced with Digital IT. There will be new email addresses for Digital IT functional email accounts and distribution lists. However, Digital IT will ensure that email addresses with reference to ITS will continue to work. 

Kind regards, 

John Whitlow

Chief Information Officer

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