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Salford nominated for two Green Gown Awards

Jul 31, 2017

Salford will be going to the Green Gown Awards this November
Salford will be going to the Green Gown Awards this November

The Green Gown Awards are a highly regarded set of awards concerning different categories of sustainability and environmental awareness; Salford has achieved a place in the list of finalists for the ‘Research and Development’ sector.

Civil engineering graduate Gemma Small has been put forward as one of only six nationwide candidates for the Research and Development award in her pursuit of solving the increasingly relevant issue of energy efficiency and finance within the workplace. Under the supervision of Engineering Director & Structural Engineering Lecturer Neil Currie, Gemma looked at the viability of using GatorDuct, a cardboard-like material, as a sustainable structural alternative in engineering. She worked alongside GatorDuct on the project, which is a great example of our ICZ strategy in action. Not only is this an achievement for the individuals involved, but Salford University is placed on par in this category with the likes of the University of Bristol and the University of Southampton, both of which being Russel Group and internationally recognised establishments for their research and development schemes.

Furthermore, within the same category, Salford’s ‘Energy House’ was also shortlisted for the best research and development project into sustainability. The purpose of the house is to test and analyse the extent to which energy can be lost within the home and the extent to which such losses can be prevented. In addition, the same project has been in partnership with the Life Sciences department in order to examine how people living with Dementia can still manage and maintain their homes, either through energy efficiency or through automated reminders which prompt the resident to act upon things they may have unfortunately been unaware of.

Overall, Salford’s efforts to develop environmental awareness in a variety of forms, all of which constitute the pressing issues of today, have been recognised and stand a good chance of being awarded accordingly.

The awards ceremony itself will be held at The Monastery in Manchester, on Wednesday 15th November. All finalists are strongly encourage to attend and colleagues are invited to join in the celebration; the winners for each category will not be revealed until the ceremony.

Environmental and Sustainability Officer Bec Bennett said: “In the world of sustainability, The Green Gown Awards are a real highlight in the calendar. It’s great to see Salford being recognised for our ongoing efforts to promote environmental awareness and I have my fingers crossed for Gemma and our whole team.”

Gemma herself told us how “shocked” she was when she heard about the finalists, but she always maintained that “the problem of energy and the environment is becoming more and more relevant so to be recognised for any effort is an amazing achievement.”