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Sam's Cafe Conversations

Aug 01, 2017

Dr Sam Grogan
Dr Sam Grogan

From September you'll be able to catch Dr Sam Grogan, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience, in another run of his popular Cafe Conversations. 

Sam will buy you a coffee in return for a chat about the big issues colleagues are talking about.
"I want to know what’s working, what’s not and what colleagues want to see from the University,” said Sam.
“I’ve had some great conversations in my previous role with students and now I want to hear from colleagues and from students about the big things we’re all working on now. There’s no agenda – just turn up for a chat. The first one’s on me.”
You can find Sam at the following cafes: 

11.09.2017           10am     Allerton Cafe

21.09.2017           3pm       Chapman Cafe

27.09.2017           9am       Salford Museum & Art Gallery Cafe

03.10.2017           2pm       New Adelphi Cafe

11.10.2017           1pm     Maxwell Cafe

17.10.2017           1pm       Crescent Cafe

26.10.2017           3pm       Faith Centre Coffee Stall

02.11.2017           12pm       MediaCityUK

14.11.2017           1pm       Chapman Cafe

21.11.2017           3pm       Salford Museum & Art Gallery Cafe

27.11.2017           2pm       New Adelphi Cafe

08.12.2017           9am       Maxwell Cafe

15.12.2017           9am       Crescent Cafe