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Vent your election angst in virtual debate

Jun 07, 2017

Need to get an election opinion off your chest? We’re inviting you to a political debate with a difference. You can defend your views – or vent your spleen - without anyone taking issue since volunteers won’t be arguing with real people but with computer-generated avatars!

So, if you have Brexit, immigration or the NHS on your mind, you can air your views for half an hour by taking part in an experiment to help scientists understand more about our brains.

David Roberts, a professor in the School of Health Sciences, explains: “Participants will interact with two virtual humans, one of which will try to wind them up over politics and Brexit. It should be fun, but you need a pretty thick skin and we wouldn’t recommend it for people who might get upset about a confrontational conversation.”

The debates are part of an ongoing study into mental health which the University hopes will eventually help with the treatment of psychological disorders, including anti-social disorders.

To take part you must not suffer from epilepsy, frequent migraines or motion sickness, or have excessively sensitive skin or extremely thick or curly hair.

If you’d like to take part, contact Godson Ahamba at