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As the SIS project comes to a close, we look at its top 50 achievements

Jun 15, 2017

As the SIS project comes to a close we look at its top 50 achievements
As the SIS project comes to a close we look at its top 50 achievements

Over the past couple of years the Student Information System (SIS) project team has been busy trying to bring significant improvements to the Banner student record system used across the University. The project is finally coming to a close this month; to mark this, and to tie into all things 50, we’re sharing its top 50 achievements.






What is the SIS project?

In the summer of 2015 the two-phase project was set in motion with an aim to putting the University’s Banner system in a stable, supported and de-risked environment under a new operating model.

Phase one of the project was largely about maintenance of the system. The team set forth to instigate fit-for-purpose operational support, including system maintenance, standard operating procedures and appropriate staff training. Deliverables included a new cross-university data governance structure to manage data quality, the correction of 59 of the highest priority data quality issues and the mapping of all 152 Banner-related student journey processes, with new processes in place for a number of high impact activities.

Phase two of the project centred on the technical infrastructure installation of Banner V.9 (XE). Deliverables included the upgrade of all existing Banner 8 products to versions required to support XE and the introduction of single sign-on functionality which would allow users to navigate between Banner 8 and Banner 9 modules.

The work was very much a collaborative effort with colleagues from across the University sharing knowledge and working together to overcome a number of challenges that came about during its duration.

Carole Reid, Associate Director Student Administration, said: “The SIS project has delivered a stable, supported and de-risked environment along with a robust framework for student data governance and consistent data quality management. These outcomes provide a strong foundation for future system and process development.”

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A special thank you

Thanks to all those who have contributed to the successful delivery of the SIS Project, including:

SIS Project team members (including those who are no longer at the University)

ESJ Programme team members

IT Services colleagues

SIS Project Board members

ESJ Programme Board members

Student Data and Systems team

ESJ Data Governance Steering Committee

Information and Analysis team

Data Stewards Working Group members

Finance teams (in particular the Treasury and Income and Fees and Awards team)

Process Owners, those who have engaged in testing and data cleanse activities from across the University


Senior users group

…plus all those who in some way have contributed to the successful completion of the project!