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Collaborative workshops mark the start of our One Digital Campus journey

Feb 10, 2017

Brainstorming at Student Operations Management workshop
Discussion at Student & Operations Management workshop

The One Digital Campus (ODC) programme has started to engage with colleagues in a series of collaborative workshops. Over the past two weeks John Whitlow, Chief Information Officer, and the ODC programme team have hosted a succession of workshops with teams across the University. Initial workshops have now been held for each domain. 

The workshops were centred on 'Digital Domains', which will, in effect, work as forums for collaborative engagement and facilitate responsive decision making. “The ODC programme is rooted in collaboration and the needs of our staff and students. The domains reflect this and enable a shared approach to shape and deliver our digital strategy,” says John.


Building on findings from the Campus Framework, six digital domains have been identified as priority:

  • Student Experience & Education
  • Recruitment, Marketing and External Relations
  • Student & Operations Management
  • Information & Analytics
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Connectivity & Compute 

The aim of the six initial workshops was to identify digital projects based on the needs of the University, as well as to recognise possible risks and constraints. The sessions also helped to establish steering groups for each domain; these groups will meet regularly to develop a vision and strategy.

The Collaboration and Communication workshop took place on Wednesday 1 February and was a great example of how the domains can enable teamwork. It brought together colleagues from various functions across the University including HR, Research and Enterprise, Information Governance, Library Services and IT Services.

Speaking to the group, John said: “These digital domains will inform what our digital strategy will be. Collaboration is right at the core of what we are trying to achieve. Cultural change is very aligned with the ODC strategy – we want to find solutions and new ways of working.”

Many mutual viewpoints were shared by the group, including the necessity for digital to drive the way colleagues collaborate with each other. As a first action the group decided they would start to communicate about the domain using Workplace, a new collaborative tool the University is currently piloting.

The Student and Operations Management session on Wednesday 8 February again brought together teams from across the University. This time the emphasis was on management of the student lifecycle and operations within the institution. In particular, learner analytics and developments to Banner were discussed in detail and the group was in agreement on the necessity to prioritise projects in line with the business needs of the University. 

Stay tuned in forthcoming weeks to find out more about the way colleagues are helping to shape our digital strategy, along with ways you can get involved.

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