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One Digital Campus is coming...

Jan 20, 2017

2017 is on course to be a very exciting year for the University indeed. Along with celebrating our 50th anniversary, we’ll also be starting out on a journey to bring our new campus framework to life. One Digital Campus is part of the campus framework's long-term vision to develop our campus both physically and digitally. This year we will be working with colleagues across the University to shape a dynamic digital plan which will be implemented over the next three to five years. It promises to evolve and positively impact our culture and the way we work and teach.


We've already started to set things in motion and over the next few months you’ll start to hear lots more about One Digital Campus. We're looking forward to sharing all the exciting developments with you. Salford and the University in particular have always been places of innovation; the framework builds on the Salford brand and ensures we continue to excel in a contemporary digital environment. The end goal is a vibrant community for staff and students that we’re all proud of.

There’ll be plenty of ways staff can get involved and give their input so stay tuned here on US News and @USInternalComms for updates. A brand new One Digital Campus website will also be launching shortly with lots of information about the project - we'll let you know as soon as this goes live.