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Download the Callmy app now to receive urgent communications

Jun 19, 2017

Download CallMy to your phone to be kept up to date
Download CallMy to your phone to be kept up to date

The Callmy app allows us to communicate to all our colleagues and students securely in the event of an emergency, or when we need to let you know something urgently. We'll always put messages on US News Channel, but the app has the advantage of notifying you when you’re away from campus, abroad or not logged in.

The Callmy app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play and we are asking all colleagues and students to download it now and enable notifications and to encourage other staff and students to do the same. Staff will need to enter the password UoS1241when prompted.

A key benefit is that anyone who downloads the app will automatically receive a notification in the event of an emergency or urgent situation.

In the past, we’ve used text messaging which has limitations in the number of characters we can use and also incurs considerable cost when texting our full colleague and student population. We will no longer be using text messages as a way of notifying you, so it is important you download the Callmy app as soon as you can.

If you enable location services, it also means that if you are travelling abroad or in the UK, we can pinpoint your whereabouts using the Callmy app and get you out quickly in cases of emergency.

When we send you a message, we’ll sometimes ask you to respond, but in most cases we’ll simply send a short message such as “the University is closed due to snow” which will pop up on your phone as a visual and audible alert.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Head of Security, Trevor Jones or call 55264