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The Inclusive Student Experience – the first in a series of updates

Mar 29, 2016

Dean of Students, Sam Grogan

In line with our duty under the Equality Act 2010 and following changes in funding allowances for disabled students, the University has set up a Project Board to ensure we consider the inclusive nature of our teaching practices to ensure no students are disadvantaged.

The Inclusive Student Experience (ISE) Project Board, led by Dean of Students, Sam Grogan, meets every two weeks in recognition of the importance attached to this Project and to ensure the Inclusive Teaching and Learning Framework is successfully delivered across the institution. Academics, professional services and the Students’ Union are represented. 

An ISE Implementation Group has also been set up which is chaired by Dawn Parrington and Tony Libby. The ISE Implementation Group is made up of Professional Services colleagues, to inform and provide guidance, and crucially, Academic Cluster Leads from each of the Schools. For successful implementation of the project, it is essential that the academic voice is at the heart of work, ensuring we develop guidance which is fit for purpose in meeting the needs of students across our varous disciplines. The Implementation Group will debate, develop and disseminate guidance locally. The Cluster Leads are as follows:

  • SAM                      Ivan Garcia
  • SBS                       Donal Loftus & Chrissy Patman
  • SoBE                     Brodie McAdam
  • CSE                       Phil Duncan
  • ELS                        Steve Todd
  • SHS                       Heather Davidson
  • NMSWSS              Emma Gillaspy
  • Languages           John Fyfe & Vanessa John

Guidance is being developed which underpins the Inclusive Teaching and Learning Framework. The guidance is being split into nine work packages – the first two have been completed with the third and fourth being developed presently.

Once the Project Board have signed off guidance worked up by the Implementation Group, this will be disseminated into Schools to inform revised practice by this September. Alongside this work, an evaluation of pilot work previously carried out in the School of Arts & Media in phase 1 and across all schools in phase 2 is also in progress to enable any lessons learnt to be fed into the project.

An overview of the ISE project has been presented at all recent School Congresses. This will be supplemented by a variety of face to face updates from the project team to the University Management Team (UMT) and School meetings. There will also be further communications on US News Channel as packages are debated and approved. All the adjustments within the framework will have been debated and approved by July and then have been communicated and be available by early August. A Blackboard site has been created to host all documentation and this will be added to as more work packages are signed off. You can also access an FAQ sheet on this site.

Communication will also be disseminated as appropriate via the Student Channel, so students can be made aware of the changes in our practice.